Playing Coolness

  • Thursday, 16 February 2017

Pics: Bernice Ukwishaka
Hey Everyone,

Hope you are all doing well.
Here in the UK the weather has not been very good the past weeks, but it seems like it is getting better now. So it is all good.

I have been in love with this bomber jacket from Rosewholesale , I literally want to wear it everyday. I love the "coolness" it brings to the outfit. I styled it with those long boots from Zaful, I have been wanting to try on those long boots for a while and what I like about them is that they look great with dresses, skirts and jeans too.  

Sunglasses |  Ray Ban
Jacket |  Rosewholesale
Boots | Zaful


Casual look with a chic bag

  • Monday, 6 February 2017

Pics: Bernice Ukwishaka

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all having a great week.

So for this look I went for a casual look with a coat form Sammydress  styled with a chic bag from Koko Couture. As you can see you can style the bag for both day and night which is fantastic. I went for the day look but I know I can use it for different occasions.

As for the coat, I love wearing blazers but blazers are not ideal at this time of the season. So when I see a coat in that blazer kind of style and warm enough to wear at this time of the season, I am all for it. 

Coat | Sammydress
Bag | Koko Couture
Shoes | Addidas


London Collections Mens AW17 Series

  • Sunday, 29 January 2017

Phoebe English
Barbour International
Harrys of London
Nigel Cabourn


Photos: Me / images courtsey of Songzio

London Collections Mens, I love going to menswear fashion week because I get so much inspiration from the collections. My style is very inspired by the men's style so it is always good to get an update on what to copy from them, just kidding.

So this season, I absolutely loved it. The presentations I have been to were are different and all had a story behind which was so captivating. From Phoebe English which exploration into menswear was rooted in reality and inspired by the creative men that Phoebe knows, works and lives with. Phoebe English collection had a focus on functional separates translating into loose coats, hooded jackets, smart folding collars and buttoned shirts amongst relaxed cotton joggers and wide trousers, Barbour International which collection was inspired by the history of British motorcycling, Harrys of London was inspired by a Sporty-Futuristic aesthetic, featuring metallics and fabrics inspired technology, Nigel Cabourn which collection was inspired from the Airborne Forces during the second World War, Belstaff "Jolly Roger" naval and submariner inspired collection is both tribute and testament to the incredible clothing worn by the British Royal Navy throughout WWII and finally Songzio looks represented the young misanhrope's free and light conscience, cocooned by the heaviness of his own asceticism. Free flowing shirts and voluminous trousers are countered and cocooned by long oversize black coats and capes that fall strongly from the shoulders. 

Hope you enjoy the photos and the read.


Winter calling

  • Friday, 30 December 2016

Pics: Bernice Ukwishaka
Hello Everybody,
Hope you are all well. Honestly for me is busy busy time with lots of assignments on my way, I am trying to post as much as I can as well.
So I always wanted to get a Sueded Quilted Jacket and luckly for me I found one for only 22 dollars guys from  aslo is doing a winter sale promotion over here. Perfect and warm for winter, if you are like me who likes wearing a leather jacket but knows that a leather jacket is not very suited when it is really cold then this jacket is the best solution. Leather jacket style but warm enough to wear during very cold times.

Jacket | Sammydress 
Glasses |  Ray-Ban
Shoes |  H & M


Issey Miyake - Art of Shunga with Homme Plissé spring series event

  • Thursday, 15 December 2016


Hello Everybody,

So last week I was invited to attend the Issey Miyake art of Shunga with the Homme Plissé spring series event. 

Homme Plissé is a new concept of clothing for the contemporary man, made possible by the development of Issey Miyake's original pleating technology. The line has not only chosen the wrinkle-resistant and quick-drying fabrics, but also uses uniform pleats in order to prevent the garments from clinging to the skin. As a result, the  clothes are comfortbale, easy to care for, and lightweight.

The collection looked fabulous and not only that there were some dancing performance to accompany the event which made it even more fascinating. 

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