The third day of fashion week I went to the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Kiev where 3 shows performed, the Anna k, Dinara Nurlan and Pentonica.

Anna K 

Her collection is just fabulous, colourful and full of life and creativity but not only that Anna K is 19 guys. She design collections carried by over 35 retailers worldwide. Anna creates a fantasy world of girly fashions where dreamy dresses and smart separates meet cartoonish characters in modern and wearable way.

About the collection:

For Autumn-Winter 15-16, Anna K was inspired by her favorite childhood book-"The Little Match Girl." fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen. Same as the book, the collection is symbolically divided into two parts: multilayered coats, soft down jackets and warm knit sweaters in dark hues of blue and green. The second part of the collection sparkles like a lit-up match: A-line dresses, silky bow-neck tops, flared skirts, bright patches an crystal embroidery- everything shines in the fragile imaginary world of the little match-seller. The collection is a sweat idea, executed in high-quality wools, cottons an silks.

Dinara Nurian

What beautiful colours in this collection and the style is just on top. Dinara Nurian from Kazakhstan launched her eponymous womenswear brand in 2014 after graduating from Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan, Italy. Playing with fabrics, shapes and volumes, adding prints and embroidery, Dinara describes the essence of her brand as a combination of modernity, quality and individuality, and creates clothing "for those who self-express through refined simplicity and organic minumalism."

About the collection:

The brand's second collection is called "Herbarium". Looking for inspiration, Dinara was flipping through an old book and stumbled upon an four-leaf clover tucked between the pages many years ago. She recalled herself and her childhood friends collecting flowers and leaves for a herbarium, and using random books to dry them flat. For Dinara, "Herbarium" became both a collection of dried plants and a collection of precious memories. Muted hues of a winter forest: dark greens, blues and greys, printed and embroidered leaves and painted flowers reflect the mood of the collection. Projecting warmth and comfort, loose, slightly elongated silhouettes are emphasized by soft knits.


This dusty pink colour in this collection is a beauty. Pantatonica is designed by Kira Maysheva and Saule Dzhamil. Pantatonica scale, a musical mode of five notes. It is widely used for improvisation, and the duo's philosophy is to design for ones to improvise with their style, "composing their own melody, either a song for solo piano or a symphony for an orchestra." Essential wardrobe staples and edgy statement pieces are aimed to emphasize in dividuality. Only natural fabrics, earthy colors, and a complicated story in every collection summarizw the brand's identity.

About the collection:

Pantatonica turn to philosophical aspects of life in a modern society, and their Autumn-Winter 15-16 collection revolves around the theme of loneliness. No matter how melancholic loneliness may sound, designers surprisingly focused on its positive aspects, and the collection is far from dark and moody. The duo chose lilacs, greys and dusty pinks, experimenting with textures of cotton, cashmere and chiffon.

What are your favourite pieces in those collections ?



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