Pics: Giueseppe Iaciofano

You have to be strong and courageous in pursuit of your dreams and goals because in reality sadly it will not please everyone and some people will try to come in your way thinking they can stop you. Like a said try  because all they can do is only try. No one can stop you, you have full control of your mind.

That is why should get rid of negative people in your life, it does not matter how close you are to them.

This is very crucial to me, it is something that I have learn not a long time ago.Before I used to let anyone, listened to anybody's opinion because I would consider them as close but now I only keep positive people around me, people who believe in me, who want to see me doing well and since making this decision I have seen my life change.

The people we decide to surround ourselves with have an impact on our life whether you want it or not...

Can I say how love this little dress from Tobi which I have styled it with my vans giving a cool casual style. Perfect for summer. The dress is simple but the details of the dress such as the sleeves the front make it so special which is important because summery dresses can sometimes look boring and identical. Can't wait to wear it again next summer.

Dress | Tobi
Trainers | Vans 


  1. Loving this look. That dress goes so well with the Vans!!

    Enclothed Cognition

  2. I love this!! It's always important to surround yourself with the right people.

  3. Great quote dear! And I love so much your dress!

  4. What a beautiful message! And a lovely series of photos to go with!


  5. Beautiful love that floral print

  6. Great post dear!!

  7. I loooove this dress!!!!
    Hope your holidays' great!!!
    IG @grace_njio


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