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Who thought that once upon a time I would have been comfortable with rejection. I have always been bad at dealing with rejection, when facing rejection I would take it upon myself and let it get the best out of me by questioning myself of why I was not good enough instead of using it as learning tool and keeping moving forward. 

This year was the test of rejection for me I guess, I have never had to deal with so many rejections in my life as this year. Usually, I will go through rejection and then something good will happen at the end and everything will be sorted but this year it was not happening like that. I was going through rejection after rejection and after rejection until it left me hopeless and not willing to try any longer. 

During my period of hopelessness, I took a moment to analyse all of this and I was like to myself "Wait a moment, I know myself and I know what I can bring to the table therefore from now on I won't let rejection define me or get the best out of me."

I finally decided to stand up again, still faced rejection but my attitude was surprisingly different. I took rejection with enthusiasm believing that I was being redirected to something better.

Please note that in the pursuit of your dreams you will face many rejection but don't let it stop you, let it build you instead.

How do you deal with rejection ?

 I am wearing a classy/casual look styled with white trainers from Ikrush. We all know the trend of big trainers, I went for these ones from Ikrush, they are so much more affordable and look so cool on. 

Blazer | JBC
Jeans  | Gap
Trainers | Ikrush

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