Pics: Bernice Ukwishaka

"Do not seek the answers. You do not need to know what happens next, you do not require a step-by-step account on how to achieve meaning in this unpredictable world. Think about past moments that truly took your breath away. They were unwarranted, they surprised you. Think about all of the unexpected beauty you stumbled upon while you were simply living, while you were simply making it up as you went along. Choose that over answers. Choose the lump in the back of your throat the first time you made someone a home in your heart. Choose the nervous energy that tucked itself within your chest when you got lost in a new city. Choose uncertainty, choose discomfort, and in doing so, choose the freedom to make mistakes, to start again, to discover with childlike wonder how you want to exist. Be deeply curious with your life. Be uncontained. Burn for what you love. "-Bianca Sparacino

I stumbled on this nice text this week and it really spoke to me. I am a massive planner and like everything to go into plan but we all know life doesn't always go to plan. However, when I look back all the best moments I have had were not the ones I planned but the ones that came with a surprise. Sometimes, when things don't go as planned just chill and let life surprise you...

I am wearing this jumpsuit from Shein  that I have styled with a jumper as I thought the front was quiet open. However, there are many ways to style the jumpsuit. You can live it open, wear something inside or somehting outside as me.

Jumpsuit | Shein
Jumper  | JBC
Heels | Zara


  1. Gorgeous jumpsuit babe love the floral on green and that text is so right Just go with the flow and try your best everything else life will take care by itself Unexpected experiences can bring much joy Have a great day xoxo Cris

  2. that text is so beautiful!

    Love your jumpsuit



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