Pics: Jamaine Kato

This week I met a lady who asked for my age, I then told here my age and she said "Oh I could be your mum, I am twice your age" and then she went on and said let me tell you something "Save your money, don't spend too much money on clothes because when you are young you look like gold and when you have money you are free as long as you don't let money rule you.'' She then said ''Happiness will not come when you get that boyfriend,  when you get married or when you have kids. Happiness come from you and you alone."

I often get inspired by people on the street or sometimes I would meet people like this lady who would just inspire me their words. 

         Jacket | Shein
Tote bag + socks | No society



  1. Really cool! This pink oversize jacket is just stunning dear!

  2. Oooo loving this pinky sporty chic look!

    Allie of


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