This summer has definitely been a different one, let's say more people have been spending their summer at home, in their garden, terrace etc... and what about the summer wardrobe ? the summer wardrobe it's an important one. Some plan their summer wardrobe months ahead, some wait for the big summer sale ( like me) and some don't really care. 

I am pretty sure that a lot of us were disappointed to know that this summer would not go as planned.

 For those who planned their summer wardrobe ahead, I would like to know if they kept it until next year or if they decided to rock it in the city or in their house because I have been seeing some great summer outfits in the streets of London. Some cute masks, printed dresses, beach tote bags were making their apparition in the city. 

For me personally my favourite trend this summer has been the lovely tote bags. From the colourful to the palm leaf, I love them all. 

Here is a list of my favourite tote bags 


The Marcie leather-trimmed raffia tote  by Chloé

I love the tan colour on this bag, the fact that you can carry it on your arm but also on your shoulder but my main favourite part is the pocket in the front which I think is genius and distinguish it from all the other bags in palm leaf. The pocket looks big enough to carry some of your essentials and makes it easier for you rather than having to look at the bottom of your bag to find your keys or your purse. 

We have seen it everywhere the iconic Loewe woven tote but this colour yes please. The colour for me is just perfection, it is such a beautiful bright orange. I could literally wear a plain outfit and wear this bag and it will bring the final touch. I can also see this bag with long glamours floral printed dress, just to say there are so many ways to style this bag.

The red lobster bucket bag  by Rockflowepaper

Now let's move on from palm leaf bags. This bag is an absolute must because it so convenient but also stands out which is not always easy to find. I can see myself wearing it with a pair of denim jeans, a cool jacket. It will be big enough to carry my laptop, work stuff but also bring this cool look to my casual work outfit. Nonetheless, I can totally see myself using it for travelling. This is just the bag for practicality and style, a must have for your wardrobe.

First of all this bag is handmade with recycled textile so always a yes when it is ethical. Secondly the colour, this gorgeous lilac colour is just dream. The bag is super light, I guess it is the perfect bag for a day out with your girls, shopping day as I am pretty sure you will have lots of bags so don't want another heavy bag to carry.

I hope you enjoyed my list of favourite tote bags, would like to know what has been your favourite trend this summer.



  1. These are nice bags

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  2. I really wish we had more of summer style. It went by so fast and most of it was spend at home.
    Love these bag designs!

  3. I adore all of these cute bags!

  4. These bags are way too cute! Perfect for the city!

    <3 Shannon 
    Upbeat Soles

  5. I like the Loewe bag!
    Mónica Sors

  6. Such beautiful bags for the beach.
    I love the lilac handmade one.

  7. That lobster bag is perfect!! Love that it will hold everything I need for everyday but also work very well for the beach!

  8. These are all so cute and chic! My favorite is probably the lobster one, I've never seen one like it!

  9. My gf will love the lobster bag! Thank you for sharing it!

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